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He used to play jazz.

Now, Dave is an accountant. He has no hobbies, other than hanging out with his friends. But in the year 2020, even that has gone away!

Everyone is dealing with the stress in their own way. Charlie is relaxing while collecting CERB. Jesse is working harder than ever, to keep her business afloat. Alexandra is dealing with the collapse of the entire music industry.

And Dave is thinking about facing his great failure, and trying to play music again. Maybe this time round, he can manage it without the nervous breakdown.

Dave is an accountant, with no real hobbies, a luke-warm interest in his job, and a chronic need to be around friends. Years ago, he went to music school, and threw everything he had into being a musician. But much as he wanted it, he was never able to make any kind of a living at it, after he graduated. Spiraling through a nervous breakdown, he eventually had to sell his gear to pay for a second degree, as an accountant. He hasn’t touched an instrument since, and has never really found his way in life. It’s fair to say that music broke Dave. He hangs out with his friends as often as he can, and doesn’t like being alone with his thoughts. But when the 2020 lockdowns begin, he’s suddenly stuck working at home, without any effective coping mechanism. With nothing else to do, it might finally be time to face his defining failure, and try to come to grips with his toxic relationship with music.
Alexandra is a full time session musician, with an incredible work ethic, and a very grounded point of view. She plays drums on studio recordings, and gets hired for various shows and gigs, when someone just needs a pro. Her and Dave became great friends in music school, and lived together in a cheap apartment after graduating. Despite acting as unofficial counselor to Dave through his breakdown, Alexandra was able to steadily break into professional circles, and cement her place as an in demand hired gun. But when the lockdown arrives, she is suddenly without work, without the kind of job that entitles her to CERB, and without any sort of following that she could do online performances for. Her husband, Carl, is able to keep a roof over their heads, but Alexandra is determined to work her way back towards success, through regularly streaming shows on the piano.
Jesse is an exceedingly hard working young entrepreneur, running an accounting firm. She’s always trying to help people any way she can, and cares deeply about the well-being of her employees. She, Dave, and Charlie met in college, and have been close friends ever since. She’s always known that she wanted to be running her own business, and no-one has ever doubted that she’d be fantastic at it. With her being a workaholic, it’s nice to be able to decompress with her friends, although she often feels just as responsible for them as for her employees. When the lockdown arrives, she’s suddenly desperately trying to keep her business afloat, her workers employed, and her clients happy; all while dealing with an imploding economy and constantly changing landscape.
Charlie is a bartender, philosopher, flirt, bullshiter, and a ton of fun to be around. He works at the gang’s preferred bar, and hasn’t gotten to take any real time off work in a decade. He met Dave and Jesse in college, when they were learning about accounting, and he was puttering around, doing whatever was interesting, before graduating with a BA in philosophy. He’s been contentedly slinging drinks ever since. When the lockdown puts him out of work for the foreseeable future, the CERB is there to help him carry on with his life. And, he’s actually kind of loving the amount of free time this is giving him. He’s getting enough sleep, catching up on his reading, and just really enjoying the first down time he’s had since college. Hey, not like he can do anything about the plague, but stay home!
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